01 Sep 2020
Football Fixtures & Training's (Autumn Term)

Football Fixtures & Training's (Autumn Term)

Fixtures / Training

Fixture Day: U8 (Friday, 13:45 - 16:00+), U9 (Thursday, 13:45 - 16:00+), U10/11 (Tuesday, 13:45 - 16:00+) & U12/13 (Wednesday, 13:45 - 16:00+).

Training Day: U8/9 (Tuesday 11.00-12.30), U10/11 (Thursday 10.30-12.30) & U12/13 (Monday, 13:45 - 16:00).

Please make a note of all sporting fixtures using the calendars provided at the start of term. Parents, players and supporters can link their personal calendars on their PCs or mobile devices, such as iPhone or iPad, directly to any fixture list using the following website: www.cumnorhousesport.com. Your son or yourselves must check the notice board for start, finish and pick up arrangements on these days. All fixtures will be posted 48 hours prior to commencement and can be found online or outside the PE office on the TV screen. It is a school policy that, if a pupil is selected to play for the school, he should honour that selection and school matches take precedence over other out-of-school sports activities.

The school have set up a security setting on the sports website. The password to access the team sheets has been updated to ...(please see message sent via Cognita Connect)...

Return times (away fixtures)

All return times are published on the sports website under team-sheets. Upon collection after a fixture, boys are permitted to sign out with the coach in charge.

*Please note: boys will be sent to the after school club if not collected within 15 minutes of the return time. For example, the boys arrive back to school from an away football fixture on time at 4pm (as stated on the team sheet) - the sports department will then hold onto the boys until 4.15pm, before handing over to the after school club.


For the safety of your son, we kindly request that your son has an additional inhaler pump in his possession when travelling off the school premises. All boys in the prep school should be able to administer their own pump.

Kit and Lockers

Could your son kindly empty his locker from last year so that we can re-assign new lockers for the year. Once a new locker has been assigned, please ensure your son puts his bag in his locker in the morning and takes it home in the evening. It should not be left overnight. All boys will require a combination lock for their new locker (key operated locks are not permitted). Please note that the bridge of the lock needs to be sufficiently thick enough for the lock mechanism to work. Please ensure all kit is named. If for any reason your son is still missing item(s) of Games clothing, this can be purchased at Hewitts of Croydon (45-51 Church Street, CR9 1QQ). Hewitt’s are currently working on a reduced body of staff and there may be delays with the purchasing of certain items. The old tracksuit and red/black Games jersey will be phased out over the next two years with the new items.

Could the boys please arrive to school dressed in their sports kit (trainers, black/red socks, black shorts, red/black jersey & black tracksuit) on their Games day, e.g. u12/13 boys arrive to school wearing their sports kit on a Monday & Wednesday. The white shorts and white T-shirt are also acceptable. Please also remember to pack your football boots, shin pads, and school uniform. In the event of bad weather, the boys will change into their school uniform.

For any further details, please speak to a member of the Games staff.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R Brotherton

Director of Sport